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PLEASE remember to check our FaceBook Page for the latest updates for the schedule!

In light of current events, staff and Sr. NCO's will attempt to continue weekly "check ins" using social media and other online tools.

TUESDAYS - 7pm ZOOM Meetings! Recap what is being worked on, talk with other cadets and staff, share ideas!

April 21st - SPEECHES due. Post on FB or email to trgo@aircadetsparrysound.ca

April 28th - Prepare your own Individual Meal Packages (IMP). Show your creativity!

May 5th - Design a RECRUIT POSTER for the Squadron! Draw, colour, computer design...whatever works for you!

May 12th - VIDEO of a PT warmup, and 20 min workout, must be to music!

May 19th - Improvised Shelter - indoor or outdoor! Looking for warmth and weatherproof as possible!

May 26th - Marksmanship practice: Nerf, BB, Pellet, Dart, whatever you can safely use...show proper technique!

June 2nd - Prepare your own PIZZA! Your choice of size, toppings, how to cook it. Show your creativity!

June 9th - Build a diorama of an FTX Camp Site! Use items around the house, show tents, bonfire, cooking area etc.

June 16th - Silent Drill Routine- indoor or outdoor! Looking for a creative 3 minute routine...can be to music if you want!

June 20th - Virtual Awards Night! 7pm, through Zoom (you can find the login info on our FaceBook page) Family & Friends welcome!

June 23rd - Sketch or build an airport. Must include runway (with lights and markings), taxi way, terminal, control tower, wind sock etc.

June 30th - Show your Canadian Pride! Full Dress Uniforms...music, flags, candles, whatever it takes!! Photo OR Video!