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Website Disclaimer

This is an unofficial web site that is not intended to represent in any way the policies or procedures of either the Department of National Defense, the Air Cadet League of Canada, or the Air Cadet League Ontario Provincial Committee. This is not a Canadian Forces website. The website is maintained on behalf of the the Squadron Sponsoring Committee for 295 MacPherson Squadron.

This website is intended for use by the Cadets and parents of the 295 MacPherson Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets, and prospective Cadets and their parents; Staff and Sponsor. The objective is to provide basic information about the function of the Squadron and to inform Cadets, Parents and Local Community about the Cadet program and various events that will be taking place.

Operational information contained herein is provided for the exclusive use of the Staff, Parents and Cadets of the 295 MacPherson Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets, and may not be used for any other purposes. All material including crests, logos and photographs provided herein is proprietary and is for information only and may not be copied, reproduced or used for any purposes not directly connected with 295 MacPherson Squadron.