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These are the CURRENT Applicable Qualification Standard Plan (QSP) and Instructional Guide (IG) for each Training Level

The QSP should be your first point of reference for the requirements of each class you are to teach, as it outlines the WHAT of each lesson, and the expected Performance Standard.

The IG provides an example lesson for the subject. These can be used as a jumping off point for your lesson, giving you some ideas and/or potential handouts or activities. They should NOT be used as a replacement for your personal lesson plan.

Level 1 QSP - IG
Level 2 QSP - IG
Level 3 QSP - IG
Level 4 QSP - IG
Level 5 QSP - IG

These are OLDER handbooks, that used to be given to each cadet, based on their level.
It was a way to keep up with your lessons if you missed a training night.

Later, the workbooks were developed, so Cadets could work on their lessons independantly,
or in groups. Workbooks would be handed in on a regular basis, and be graded.

LEVEL 1 (Download) Handbook, Workbook

LEVEL 2 (Download) Handbook, Workbook

LEVEL 3 (Download) Handbook, Workbook, Map

LEVEL 4 (Download) Handbook, Workbook


DRILL TEST: Level 1 Drill Test

CATO 54-04: Lee Enfield Rifle Drill